Beginning of a journey.

The very first edition of Cocktail Week Zagreb exceeded our expectations and resulted in a buzz that made cocktails “the talk of the town” for the entire week. Bars saw more people ordering cocktails, media followed bars and bartenders and at the end of the week we had a spectacular cocktail party in the garden of Academy of Fine Arts. This was made possible by all of the parties involved – our most kind advisory board, Zagreb’s participating bartenders and guests that came from other parts of Croatia and Poland 🙂

Advisory Board
Vedran Gulin
Cocktail Week Zagreb
Chris Edwardes
Blanch Edwardes Consulting
Saša Lovrenšćak
Ka'Lavanda Music Bar Hvar
Filip Verbanac
Coca Cola Hellenic
Marijan Maksan
Dežman Mini Bar

Bartenders & bars

Filip Lipnik
Swanky Monkey Garden
Kristina Sič
Karlo Ferenčak
Ivan Mandarić
Joe's Bar Arcotel
Danijel Horvat
Hemingway Bar & Bistrot
Zlatko Orečić
Esplanade 1925
Dominik Bečvardi
Dubravkin put
Marijan Maksan
Dežman Mini Bar
Ivan Srdar
Iva Raič
A Most Unusual Garden
Vedran Gulin
Bistro 75
Ivan Marković
Dežman Bar