What exactly is Cocktail Week Zagreb?

CWZG is a celebration of bartenders and bars that create and promote the craft cocktail culture in Zagreb, Croatia.

How can I visit this event?

For one week in May every year, Zagreb’s best bars and restaurants create special signature cocktail menus at discount prices for you to enjoy. Entrance to all of these venues is free for all, and to make things even sweeter, we throw a free open air party at the end of this week, where we invite guest pop-up bars to create even more delicious drinks for you to explore.

What bars and restaurants take part in CWZG?

See our CWZG 2018 page to see who joined us for this amazing celebration of cocktails.

What is the best way to keep updated about this cocktail goodness?

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Knowledge exchange

Year 2 of Cocktail Week Zagreb brings a big expansion to the program. In order to emphasise on knowledge sharing we created CWZG TALKS – a 2 day program that brings leading industry professionals from around Europe.

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